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Are Verbal Contracts Legal? Can I Claim On A Verbal Contract? These are common questions people ask when they have a contract that wasn’t written down or signed.

Many people wonder whether a verbal contract will support a claim and whether it is legally in forcible.

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I’m a Barrister of England and Wales. The content of the series is not designed to be an alternative for formal legal advice well you need it but to give you a good overview of the law for trees and gardens.

Small Claims In Court | How Small Claims Work in Court


In this video, I talk about small claims in court and how to bring a small claim.

Many people think there is a small claims court but this is not true. I talk about what makes a claim a small claim and, in simple terms, how to bring a small claim in court.

Claims for money alone will be designated as a small claim if it is no more than £10,000 and if it is a personal injury or landlord-tenant claim no more than £1000.

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** Legal Disclaimer **
This video is not to be taken as an alternative for legal advice and is by no means a comprehensive or complete resource but it is designed to give you an idea of how small claims work in court and to give you a general understanding of what they are and how they are brought.

You may ask your questions in the comments box or by filling in the following form which will be completely confidential and I can respond to your questions on small claims that are future videos to help deepen your understanding of small claims and how they work in court.