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Compensation Flight Delay and Delayed Flight Compensation

Many people have had a flight delay or cancellation and feel aggrieved. In many cases, you are entitled to compensation for the flight delay or cancellation, depending on the origin, destination, and overall delay of the flight.

The EU and the United States have different rules when it comes to flight delay compensation which I briefly explained in this video.

The precise compensation fluctuates over time so please ensure that you check the relevant websites for the current, precise figures.

This video should give you an understanding as to when and why are you are entitled to flight delayed compensation and what factors will influence this.

I am a barrister of England and Wales; This video is not intended to be a replacement for formal legal advice but serves as a general guide an educational construct upon which you can consider your eligibility for a flight delay compensation claim.

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Are Verbal Contracts Legal? Can I Claim On A Verbal Contract? Contract Law Series – BarristerSecrets

Are Verbal Contracts Legal? Can I Claim On A Verbal Contract? These are common questions people ask when they have a contract that wasn’t written down or signed.

Many people wonder whether a verbal contract will support a claim and whether it is legally in forcible.

If you want to know more about contract law and whether a contract is in forcible, whether it is a verbal contract or a written contract, subscribe to BarristerSecrets for more videos.

I’m a Barrister of England and Wales. The content of the series is not designed to be an alternative for formal legal advice well you need it but to give you a good overview of the law for trees and gardens.