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Are Verbal Contracts Legal? Can I Claim On A Verbal Contract? These are common questions people ask when they have a contract that wasn’t written down or signed.

Many people wonder whether a verbal contract will support a claim and whether it is legally in forcible.

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I’m a Barrister of England and Wales. The content of the series is not designed to be an alternative for formal legal advice well you need it but to give you a good overview of the law for trees and gardens.

12 Points on your license and how to avoid a driving ban

Today I explain what happens when you have 12 points on your license. This is known as “totting” or “totting up”.

When you reach 12 points within a short period of time, the court is obliged to ban you unless you can show exceptional hardship. Today, I talk about what this means for you and how you might avoid a driving bank

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