Barristers Specialising in Insolvency and Bankruptcy

Bankruptcy and Insolvency Specialist


At ShenSmith Law, we have the ability to instruct counsel who specialises in the very matter you may require assistance with. Barristers from around England and Wales will be able to attend to your matter.

Your matter may involve:

  • Personal Insolvency
  • Corporate Insolvency
  • Corporate and Partnership Break-up
  • Shareholder Disputes
  • Asset Recovery
  • Claims against directors

ShenSmith Law can advised on all areas related to insolvency. This includes:

  • Application within insolvency proceedings
  • Applications for administration order
  • To set aside statutory demands
  • Restraining winding up petitions
  • Restraining advertisements of petitions 
  • Transaction avoidance work

ShenSmith Law can advise, represent or litigate on behalf of debtors, companies, creditors, directors, office-holder and insolvency practitioners (IPs).