Dealing with your Intellectual Property matter with one of our specialist Barristers

What does Intellectual Property include?

  1. Confidential Information
  2. Passing off
  3. Trade Marks
  4. Trade Secrets
  5. Copyrights
  6. Database Rights
  7. Design Rights
  8. Domain Names

ShenSmith Law provides a solution that works for the client. It is a client-based solution. In some cases, the solution may be against the client’s original goal. However, the advice will reflect the client’s best interest.

In some cases, matters may overlap with criminal matters. When this may be the case ShenSmith Law will be able to turn to their director Stephen Harvey QC.

ShenSmith undertakes work in representation, providing advice, and conduction litigation. This includes work involving trade secrets, copyrights, passing off, database rights, design rights, domain names, confidential information.

Daniel ShenSmith (Year of Call:2018) has advised client’s database rights and other intellectual property-related matters.

If you would like to speak to one of our intellectual property specialists please give us a call.