Accused of Copying Intellectual Property? Consider these essential questions

In today’s speedy world. Intellectual property disputes are ever becoming a challenge. It is possible to come up with a completely independent idea, however, the same idea or concept may have already been drawn up which leads to a dispute or challenge. Some companies may be accused of copying, imitating a company or simply benefiting from someone else’s intellectual property. Being accused of such things especially in the public sphere can be detrimental to a companies reputation and ultimately lead to a loss of business. If someone or a company has challenged, you or your company of such. It needs to be immediately assessed independently. We at ShenSmith have in-house an intellectual property specialist who will be able to provide immediate legal advice.

First Steps

Taking the initial step of speaking to a specialist will really make a difference. They will be able to provide you neutral stance on the dispute. Thereafter prepare for incoming disputes or challenges. The defence to any dispute must be firm and strong. This is why instructing a specialist at the earliest possible opportunity will give you the room to carry out day to day functions. Without the need to cause is disruption to your business.

Talking about your Intellectual Property, running through the finer points are imperative to prepare for any such challenge.

What happens now? Consider the following questions:

  • Have you received a notice of intention?
  • What have you been told so far? Are you
  • Do you see the dispute with your own point of view?
  • Have you been threatened with court action?
  • Have you been asked to stop business?
  • Have you been asked to stop using your logo?
  • Have you been asked to stop selling a product?
  • Have you received a demand for financial compensation?
  • How will this affect your customer base?
  • Will the media get involved?
  • Have you found your legal representative?
  • Can I combat this challenge?
  • Will I receive cost for damages?


Contact us, we can put you in touch with our in-house Intellectual Property specialist. immediate advice will ensure you are steered in the right direction.

This will include correspondence if necessary. We can arrange for a letter to be sent to the other party. We are a phone call away.

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