Have you or your company been accused of Fraud? Under investigation?

The accusation of Fraud must be dealt with urgency. It may be an individual, company or an organisation who stand(s) accused of Fraud. It would be wise to instruct a law firm to take immediate action. Actions [Instructions] may include providing initial advice, instructing an investigator. A fraud investigator will be able to investigate your matter independently, providing you with an informed opinion. A Fraud case, which if deemed Fraudulent can lead to prosecutions. With the support of a law firm behind you, it will allow your staff, your team to be able to seek legal advice where needed. It can be worrying for some individuals but the comfort of having frequent legal representation really makes the difference. Your law firm will be able to provide advice as the investigation is underway.

With a barrister providing legal advice with every step of the way. It will ensure the investigation and the investigators are following protocol at every stage. At every challenge or notion form the investigation, your law firm will be able to combat and challenge the motion. Where possible they will correspond on your behalf.

ShenSmith Law is authorised to conduct litigation, provide legal advice and represent. We can manage and provide advice at every moment. It is important to build the best defence to be prepared for all circumstance. Our Director Stephen Harvey QC can single-handedly spearhead the case. He will be in a position give you insight into possible outcomes. He is a specialist when it comes to Private Prosecutions. He will provide a unique benefit. He can directly liaise with all parties involved to asses further, where an individual, company or organisation would feel as though they are recognising the investigator. A QC barrister would be in their comfort zone. They would be in a position to challenge each and every decision if they deemed necessary.

Challenging a Freezing Order

Whilst under investigation. It is possible the investigators may apply for injunctions to prevent or hinder your activities which can be detrimental. This is where a business could collapse. A family to be unable to continue as normal. These applications to freeze assets or anything related to the fraud can be frozen under the 2002 Proceeds of Crime Act (POCA).

The law firm could challenge the order to allow the company or individual to carry on. Regular advice would allow investigated party to be ahead of any such application. Also allowing the counter argument would be ready. This could include the possible search of a property or information. Possible raids on the individual or company.

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