10 Questions to Consider: Child Arrangement Order Applications?

A clear dispute between two parents. When one parent or both cannot agree. A child arrangement order may consider a child or multiple children. The aim would be to find a middle ground for both parties.

One of the pivotal issues we discover when we speak to our clients tends to be an issue between the parents. It can be difficult. Some clients issues derive from geographical matters. Where one parent may be in a new relationship. They have decided to relocate with the children. Where does this leave the non-resident parent? 

We have had instances where a parent moves to another country.

Where a child is or has become alienated of one parent?

This can impact the children and the parent. We have had instances where a parent has to instruct an independent specialist. This could be a Psychologist who would interview the children and the parents to understand everyone’s position. It can be costly. It can be draining. We have seen the matters go beyond what the client was expecting.

As a parent who wishes to have a reasonable amount of contact with their children. It is hugely impactive on their finances. The cost associated can lead to some parents turning away. What we have discovered the cost become more manageable when they engage the specialist barrister directly. The specialist barrister has the direct benefit of being able to carry out work where needed. Otherwise, the client can take control of their matter.

Where a client has instructed a solicitor they are comforted by the fact a person is available. We can offer a similar service. The specialist barrister can liaise with client’s regularly and as frequently as they choose.

Are there issues of trust between the parents? What about new partners? We have found this be a common issue. When a relationship breaks down and they part ways. It is inevitable one or both will move on to further relationships. This can lead to doubts over trusting the new partner. How do you as a parent deal with this challenge? 

10 Questions to Consider about Child Arrangement Orders

  1. Where do the reasons for not agreeing on Child Arrangements originate from?
  2. Are there geographical concerns? How will you see the children if they move way?
  3. How do I challenge the decision of the resident parent?
  4. Can I choose which school the children attend?
  5. How can I get more involved in the decisions that affect the children?
  6. Will I be able to see my children over the holidays?
  7. Can I disagree with the resident parent about the children relationship with their new partner?
  8. How do I prove the children have been alienated against me?
  9. Can I instruct a specialist to asses the children for me?
  10. How much will a child arrangement order cost?

A specialist barrister can provide you with guidance on these matters. Majority of these concerns can be assessed by a barrister. It is difficult but managing the cost can make a difference. After an initial conference with a barrister, you will be in a position to understand. You can understand what the process will involve. This can give you an insight into the possible cost.

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