Charity & Humanitarian

Via our subsidiary companies, ShenSmith Group take great pride in supporting charities and humanitarian causes around the world. Particular interest is placed on a UK cancer charity – CCPA – The Childhood Cancer Parents Alliance (formerly NACCPO) and a China charity operated throughout the Buddhist temples.



The Childhood Cancer Parents Alliance is a union of 38 parent run organisations across the UK who share a mission to improve the lives of families affected by childhood and adolescent cancer.  

In support of this Charity, ShenSmith Group are able to reach out to the families of those that have been affected by the devastating news of cancer. Families are torn apart and need a great deal of support during these times, therefore strongly believe this is just as important a Charity as every other cancer Charity.

One of the ways CCPA helps families is to arrange a holiday for families so they can get away from the reality of their child’s condition, and help in their emotional wellbeing.

China Temples

The temples throughout China pay special efforts towards supporting victims of natural disasters, and those in areas of major difficulties. In supporting these temples, ShenSmith Group has the ability to use a network of help in China to help a great number of people on an ongoing basis.

ShenSmith Group visit regularly to the temples to pay respects and to make monetary donations several times per year, contributing a large proportion of the Group’s profits to the temple.


The sacred Emei DaFo temple of Emei, China 


Relief efforts provided by the temple to earthquake victims


The outer buildings of Emei DaFo temple