What makes us different

Elite Team

We consider each member of our team to be the best in their chosen area of expertise. An elite team is the essential ingredient in creating success.


Attention to detail is absolutely critical in being efficient. This calls for organisation in the very highest order with everything that we do and with every client we do business.


We aim for massive growth in every project we take on. We have revolutionised industries by bringing technology to the market, and expanding the level of sales dramatically in very short periods of time.


Our Story

ShenSmith was established in 2005 to bring together and grow the many creative business projects of its founders. We have brought modern technology to very traditional markets to revolutionise  products, making them available to worldwide customers in a way never before seen. Recent years saw the launch of our direct access service for UK barristers where we assist clients to instruct a barrister on a public access basis. Through Barrister Direct we have been a key part in the early stages of revolutionary advancement in the legal system.

Our Mission

There are many great ideas, but far fewer executions of those great ideas. We aim to bring those ideas to life; only then are ideas valuable. If you have an idea that you want to make more than a dream, please contact us with complete confidentiality.

Our Philosophy

We take pride in everything we do. If your heart is positive, your attitude and action will be positive; If your attitude is positive, your habit will be positive; If your habit is positive, your personality will be positive; If your personality is positive, your whole life will be positive, because your personality determines your fate